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Crack open a sustainable future with Helpful Hens

By Blue Sky Family Farms

Helpful Hens, as part of the Blue Sky Family Farms brand, furthers our collective mission to create a brighter, healthier future for all by way of eggs from hen-led regenerative farms across the U.S. Our family farmers work alongside their trusty hens to create a vibrant ecosystem using principles and practices that prioritize preserving and regenerating topsoil. Together their sprouting healthy food, resilient farmland, and restoring the earth’s carbon balance from soil to sky.

Our Tasty Eggs

Helpful Hens Pasture-Raised Organic Eggs

Pasture-Raised Organic Eggs

12 large eggs

Helpful Hens Free Range Organic Eggs

Free Range Organic Eggs

12 large eggs

Helpful Hens Pasture-Raised Non-GMO Eggs

Pasture-Raised Non GMO Eggs

12 large eggs

Free Range Non GMO Eggs

12 large eggs

A sustainable future starts in the soil...

Not all dirt is created equal. And while American farmland has a lot of dirt, it’s short on topsoil—the rich, plant-nourishing, carbon-balancing material that a healthy planet is built upon. Helpful Hens help tend the land by grazing, aerating and fertilizing, restoring soil health just by living on the farm!

What’s regenerative farming?

Regenerative agriculture is a set of farming principles and practices that prioritize preserving and regenerating topsoil, leading to better outcomes for farmers, animals, people, and the planet.

Cover crops help keep soil soft and spongy, So it can retain water, support plant life, and absorb airborne carbon.

Livestock, like Helpful Hens, enthusiastically step in for tilling and pesticides, grazing cover crops and grubs and fertilizing land as they wish.

Diverse plantings replace monocrops, attracting and supporting wildlife, including pollinators, birds, and other critters.

Regenerative agriculture supports the farmer too, creating farmland that's more resilient to extreme weather.

Flapping toward a healthier future for all

Our farmland and all it supports can thrive again. With the help of farmers, scientists, climatologists, and partner organizations, we’re flying the coop on industrial farming for a brighter future, where farmland is lush and resilient, animals big and small live how they wish, food is healthy, and the planet’s carbon balance is equalized again. Here’s how we’re measuring our impact.

We’re tracking the ecological outcomes from diversifying farm crops beyond single plants to understand the impacts big and small.

Helpful Hens are foraging the way to greener pastures from soil to sky!

Flap along with us!

Helpful Hens are doing the dirty work on our regenerative farms. See them in action @helpfulhens and reach out for more information at