What is an organic egg?

USDA Certified Organic eggs are produced by Free Range chickens that are fed certified organic feed. This means no chemicals, pesticides, or other synthetic compounds have been sprayed on the fields from their grain is grown or the pastures where they roam.

What ingredients make up your chicken feed?

Our chicken feed typically contains a mix of the following ingredients (all Non-GMO or Organic): corn, soybeans, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

I cannot have soy. Are there any options for me?

Blue Sky Family Farms offers a Soy Free line of eggs. The ingredients in this chicken feed are a mix of the following ingredients (all Non-GMO): corn, canola meal, sunflower meal, vitamins, and minerals.

How are you different than other egg companies?

Unlike other companies that produce pastured and free range eggs, we own all of our chickens and manage every aspect of what they eat and how they live. Being vertically integrated allows us to have quality control in each step of the process. Everything we do is dedicated to our chickens’ quality of life.

Your cartons look different, what are they made of?

Our Blue Sky Family Farms hybrid cartons are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Fiber trays are made of 100% recycled, post-consumer newsprint. Water based soy inks are used in printing. The hybrid carton is wider, longer and higher than standard egg cartons.

Can I come visit a farm?

Because chickens are wary of strangers, we do not allow any public visits to our farms. However please see our YouTube page for videos of our facilities.

I'm sold. Where can I get some of these delicious eggs?

Click on our store locator to find Blue Sky Family Farms eggs near you.

What are the signs of a healthy chicken?

Healthy chickens engage in five distinct behaviors. They scratch, perch, dust bathe, socialize, and pasture. When you see a healthy chicken, she will have great feather coverage and sing with her sisters. We give the ladies all the outdoor space they need to live their best lives.


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