Great Farmers, Great Eggs

All of our eggs are produced on family farms in the Midwest. We only work with those who are dedicated to the same ethical practices and values that keep our chickens healthy and our eggs tasting great. We hold all of our farmers to exacting standards and visit them often to make sure they’re doing their best to raise their chickens as naturally as possible.

no antibotics or hormones

Chickens that are allowed to behave naturally are healthy, so they don’t need any of that stuff.

Pasture +
free range only

Our chickens live outside, under blue skies, because that’s the right thing to do.

regenerative farming

We practice regenerative farming techniques because they’re good for the soil, the air, the earth, and of course, our chickens.

family farms

We only partner with small family farms because they make caring for chickens a top priority. Supporting local farmers is at the heart of everything we do.

Raised under blue skies

Free Range

Pasture Raised

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