Happy World Egg Day!

October 9, 2020

Everyone has an opinion about how they like their eggs, scrambled, fried, poached, over-easy, cheesy! There are endless options for these versatile, protein-packed shells of deliciousness. Our favorite here at Blue Sky Family Farms? All of them.

No matter how you like your eggs, one thing is certain: celebrating our favorite food on World Egg Day is a MUST!

Since 1996, on every second Friday of October, the world recognizes the important role eggs have played to feed and nourish people from each continent. For centuries, eggs have served as an essential ingredient; from simple eggs and toast to transforming a recipe into cookies and bread. In many places, eggs are not only for eating but used for cocktails, decoration, and religious services…they can do just about anything!

If their egg-cellent (we couldn’t help it) golden insides weren’t enough, their health benefits are far greater. Eggs are nutrient-rich and provide high-quality protein, including all nine essential amino acids for the body to grow and thrive. They are also one of the best sources of choline, essential to memory and brain development.

So celebrate the day accordingly, and whip up your favorite version of Blue Sky Family Farms eggs, or get creative and try something new! Be sure to show us how you participated in World Egg Day by tagging @blueskyeggs on Instagram and use the hashtag #WorldEggDay to show the world how you celebrate too.